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But towards the end I really shipped delena. · Stelena is. TheTVDGirl 35,521 views. Stelena Stories Refine by tag: Stelena delena tvd thevampirediaries stefansalvatore elenagilbert elena damonsalvatore klaroline damon vampire carolineforbes salvatore bonniebennett vampirediaries ştefan bamon theoriginals paulwesley klausmikaelson.

He is too good, stelena and delena transitions he doesn&39;t want to harm anybody, he is totally stelena and delena transitions boring! After years of friendship and avoiding what lies beneath to be true, Christmas Day brings a possibility of hope for something more. Here is a stelena and delena transitions small souvenir (the music box Damon had given her; The Hunters: Moonsong, Chapter 34) transitions of your past life, as a token of our regard. Unsubscribe from Delena Sobrev?

Soulmates, they are destined to be together. DISCLAIMER: This is not for Dullena fans. Elena, Bonnie, stelena and delena transitions and Caroline have graduated from High School. · Julie Plec and the writers have worked magic before (I’m still stelena and delena transitions in awe of how they handled the Stelena to Delena transition and Nina’s departure) and I’m confident they can do it again. Season 5 I started to miss stelena again. Good for Stelena/Delena/Klaroline.

stelena and delena transitions And, if stelena and delena transitions Delena is stelena and delena transitions endgame, then I won&39;t be too sad. No copyright infringement intended or implied. I hope you find your true destiny. When damon said it, I was just like WELL DUH 23. · stelena and delena transitions Stelena is a story about two friends that made a basic stelena and delena transitions YouTube page just for fun. I’ve always liked Stefan and Elena together.

· Delena stelena and delena transitions or Stelena? They instantly fell in love and began a romantic relationship in. · For the record, there 12 Stelena submissions and 33 Delena submissions, and all told, you guys delivered almost 14,000 words on this topic. I just think that they go better together.

After their moonlit conversation, Elena&39;s parents had arrived and Damon compelled her to forget it ever happened. I still dint get why he did that. They had chemistry since season 1 and it was obvious Elena had feelings for him. They both respect each other. ) The universe ships stelena. In the novel series Damon and Elena end up together. Romance, gentle and kindness.

. Are you a fan of Stelena of Delena? Do you prefer Stelena or Delena? These are the two best arguments for. Damon was the main antagonist for the first half of Season One and Eight. · I believe that Elena is better off with Stefan. ) damon told elena to turn stelena and delena transitions her emotions off. I can&39;t choose.

One stelena and delena transitions thing they didn&39;t know is that their YouTube channel would get a lot of attention. Damon is a boy who doesn’t know how to slow down and contain himself when he’s angry. Unlike SE, Delena are not characterized by their roles or defined by their needs, and so their relationship is not limited in the way SE are. stelena But now, as a vampire, she belongs 110% to Damon.

Stelena have had many scenes, but so have Delena, and the most intense, stelena and delena transitions poignant, and dramatic scenes are always conserved for Delena, as well as the best and deepest dialogue. Damon trys to kill Matt/Elena has some transition effects - Duration: 2:17. It kind of ruins the series, am I the only one that thinks that way? Stefan knows what’s right for her, Damon tries to control her every move 3.

Stefans love transitions for her is pure (Damon says she wants a love that consumes her but that’s not entirely true) 2. Damon came back to Mystic Falls with the sole purpose stelena and delena transitions of bringing back Katherine Pierce, the vampire with whom he had fallen in love as a human in 1864. Also, for every body fighting over delena and stelena this is. Delena, The Best Of The Best! And for all my fellow Stelena-ship. delena don&39;t really click together, Stelena did fit really good. stelena and delena transitions Elena and Damon (Also known as Delena) Elena and Stefan (Also known as Stelena) Trivia. Here&39;s what.

He begins to fall for his younger brother Stefan&39;s girlfriend, also Katherine&39;s doppelgänger, Elena. Damon is Elena&39;s true destiny:&92;&92;"Well done, Elena. As Elena struggles with the decision whether to complete the transition, she finds herself questioning the choices she has already made. They started talking and even flirted a little.

Season 4 I felt so bad for Stefan but loved delena. I&39;ve concluded that he&39;s just an idiot. Stelena vs Delena Discussion Stelena was the heart of TVD but the writers stelena and delena transitions ruined Elena&39;s character when they made her into a woman who chose lust and sex and stelena and delena transitions a psychopath vampire over Stefan with whom she shared a grand romantic epic love. stelena and delena transitions This is the complex, significant, yet notable relationship between the cured vampire/doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert and the cured vampire/doppelgänger,Stefan Salvatore. A new set of challenges arises that threatens to destroy their friendships and reconsider their alliances. Over the years, there have been numerous worldwide twitter trends requesting this scene. This is the first stelena and delena transitions time we get a glimpse of the Elena that she will become when she stelena and delena transitions transitions into a transitions vampire— the girl whose a little bit wild stelena and reckless, the girl who can assess stelena and delena transitions a situation and a person and decide that sometimes she has to choose her battles, the girl who doesn’t shy away from a good time, even when there is an element of danger and stelena uncertainty involved. ) Delena is toxic.

When The Vampire Diaries kicked off, Elena was a high schooler who had just lost her parents transitions and wasn’t looking for a new man in her life. Season 2 & 3, same thing, they both had great moments. I personally feel both Stelena and Delena are good. Stefan tries his best to make himself worth Elena. Property of the CW Television ©. .

She met Damon in the middle of the road, and at first, he mistook her for Katherine. Delena have proven that they can adapt to whatever stelena and delena transitions life throws at them, and so Elena&39;s transition will just be another stepping stone in how they evolve. Damon/Elena Vampire Diaries - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 22 - Words: 104,812 - Reviews: 621 - Favs: 632 - Follows: 369 - Updated: - Published: - Elena G. ac: wickeddelena looped by me cc: mine follow our ig; evilherself.

Julie Plec explained that as the years have gone by, the idea of having a Damo. Stelena is a romantic, tender love, that helps a very young girl trough the worst moment of her young life, Delena is a more passional, adventurous love that comes later when said girl has found her force and determination. An eternal, once in a lifetime kind of love, the stelena and delena transitions kind of love stelena you never want to let go.

A chance meeting brings Elena Gilbert into the young soldier&39;s life of Damon Salvatore. &92;&92;" — Mylea in The Salvation: Unmasked, Chapter 31. I have been watching 4 seasons and I infact know that Stelena wont happen for the rest of the series. High quality Stelena gifts and merchandise. Stefan was the main antagonist for the first half stelena and delena transitions of Season Three and the second chapter of Season Eight.

) delena is just about sex. · Truth be told, I was never the world&39;s biggest supporter of Stefan and Elena&39;s romantic relationship on The Vampire Diaries. Stelena And Delena is a fanfiction author that has written 7 stories for Vampire Diaries, and Originals. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Stelena&39;s love is pure. Here is why you should ship Stelena and not Delena: 1. More Stelena And Delena Transitions images.

Well-played, fans! Damon is also Elena&39;s home:&92;&92;"This is it, Elena realized, stopping stock-still in front of him and staring dumbly up into h. delena Like most of season 1, stelena. Is Stelena and Delena real? His love for Elena makes him want to protect his birthtown instead of destroying it, as was his original purp. All the best Damon & Elena Stories. I&39;m team Delena. The writers agreed and the rain kiss happened in Season Six episode, Do You Remember the First Time?

· Put yourself in Elena’s shoes: Stelena or Delena. The following are the extracts from an interview in which Julie Plec shares stelena her experience of the rain kiss. Stelena might’v been something stelena and delena transitions at the beginning but Delena stelena and delena transitions runs WAY deeper and it’s a lot more REAL and RELATABLE. As a human, Elena delena belonged to Stefan. · ) "Stelena" fans may not have gotten their happily ever after on The Vampire Diaries stelena and delena transitions series finale, and no one is more disappointed about that than series co-creator Kevin Williamson. The word epic has been a point of contention in the transitions TVD fandom. I have gone back and forth so many times. Damon first met Elena the night her parents died.

Stelena may be the fantasy couple, but the are boring and way too similar while Delena is REAL, they have stelena and delena transitions ups and downs, they know that they are not perfect but they love each other nonetheless. Stefan and Elena were the original and main couple of the series. Written for the LJ DEHX. I think that Elena belonged with Stefan all along.

Stefan originally returned to town to get to know Elena after saving her from a car accident. Is Delena the best of the best? Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec, and Stelena fans claim that Stefan stelena and delena transitions and Elena’s relationship is epic and Delena fans argue that Stefan and Elena are anything but stelena and delena transitions epic and Damon and Elena’s relationship is in fact the epic love story of the show. stelena and delena transitions Damon. Vampire hunter « stelena » Log in or.

He told her that she wanted stelena and delena transitions a love that consumed her, a stelena and delena transitions love that was passionate, and a love that was a little dangerous. I love damon, don&39;t get me wrong. Enjoy your humanity—you&39;ve earned it.

However, after realizing that Katherine had secretly escaped the tomb but hadn&39;t cared enough about him to find him, he resented her. Stefan, transitions transitions Elena, and Damon come to a breaking point. Mystery, passion, adventure and deep love. · The transition to Damon was just very badly done. Tell us in the comments bellow! But stelena and delena transitions all of this is actually good for us Delena fans, because mais and mais will cadastrar-se our already huge side, and we have to be repaid for our. These are my opinions and I warn you not to watch this if you don&39;t like Stelena. And then he told her that he wanted her to have everything she wanted.

It&39;s been almost four seasons since Elena and Stefan broke up, but I&39;m still firmly Team Stelena on The Vampire Diaries, and here&39;s why. In episode 5x10, transitions Damon breaks up with Elena and says that stelena and delena transitions he&39;s been the bad guy all along. Ever since their stelena and delena transitions rain scene in Let The Right One In, fans of the couple have been transitions wanting to see them kiss in the rain. · Delena Sobrev. Stelena is about passion, love, and trust. Most of the time when it comes to epic love triangles, I&39;m 99.

The Vampire Diaries executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson both confirmed that had Nina stelena and delena transitions Dobrev not left the show in season six, stelena and delena transitions Stefan and. How many seasons has Elena been on the Vampire Diaries? He trusted her and let her. · Stelena fans, you may want to read this. See full delena list on vampirediaries. What do you prefer in a guy? More Stelena And Delena Transitions videos.

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